Achieve event success by harnessing new technology best practices.

Insights from Leanne Constantino, Managing Director

Event Practices of the past are evolving. New tools and tactics need to be considered to maximise attendance and increase engagement.

In the past, printed registration brochures were sufficient in generating attendees for events; on-site attendance was captured manually with name tags and lanyards; paper feedback forms were handed out post event to gather feedback.

Now, making the most of today’s technology is the secret to event success. From social media advertising for registrations, to mobile apps to increase attendee engagement, to crowd-sourcing speakers and RFID name badges; technology continues to significantly change the event landscape.

Download this Slideshare presentation to learn how to make technology work for you and increase event marketing and management effectiveness:

  • Learn proven event technology best practices to optimise event marketing efficiency
  • Discover new opportunities to maximise registrations and increase event attendee engagement
  • Get rid of the old ways in favour of new and innovative practices that produce cut-through
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