Extend the life of your event with surveys, webinars and video recordings and call to action offers that bring hot leads to your door.

What happens after your event? Make sure you extend the life of your event and maximise your leads. Ensure you continue to engage and nurture your leads. We recognise that after your event many leads created are not sales-ready but are still valuable. In fact, 70% of these non-sales ready leads will eventually buy. The goal after your event is to move a prospect to a hot lead!

We’ll help you with …


    Let us manage the event feedback process for you. We’ll create a dynamic evaluation form for your event, manage distribution (either manually or electronically), collect data, enter records for analysis and provide reporting to help you make decisions for sales and communication follow-ups.


    We understand that events take up a significant part of an organisation’s marketing budget, and the need to ensure accurate and timely post-event reporting to management is paramount. Management will be keen to understand what performance metrics were achieved, and often, the next day after the event! Let our team take that stress off your shoulders by compiling these reports on your behalf. We can either create this based on our templates or customise to suit your company templates.

    We’re also experienced in ensuring sponsorship requirements are executed and provide Proof of Execution (POE) reports including event metrics and photos.


    Maximise your event investment by following up with attendees post event: Nurture leads, thank attendees for their time, share slides or recordings, contact no shows for potential prospects. At the event you may not have had the opportunity to speak to every attendee personally, and post event communications is the perfect way to nurture a relationship with that added personal touch and/or introduce a sales executive to a new lead.


    Make the most of your investment by making your content available to those people who could not physically attend the event.

    You’ve invested in a great event and now you should leverage it to help capture more leads. We can video record your event and edit it for a post event promotional video to post to your website, blog, send a link to your database for those that did not attend, use it to promote your next event.

    We’ll save you time by looking after every aspect of your webinar from setting up the registration, rehearsal with the presenters, hosting and post webinar reporting. Engage attendees with online presentations and videos, mark up shared content in real time, encourage attendee interaction with live polling, threaded Q&A and live chat. Display up to five panelists at a time, or one speaker in full-screen view – all with integrated audio and high-quality video.


    Whether you require an audience engaging corporate presentation, video production for a product launch event or a sales and marketing campaign to enhance your business profile, we’ll manage the video production and help you make the most of it for your event and beyond. We’ll also look after the event recording and turn your videos into various forms of communication post event such as web video event recaps or a promotional video for your next event.