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Irwin Saul

Campaign Marketing

Seeing things from both sides of the fence – agency vs in-house – has its benefits.

Irwin understands the pressures placed on event and marketing managers to maximise event lead generation, deliver connected event campaigns that can articulate and deliver forecasted ROI, and implement event campaign follow-up that translates to sales and revenue.  With over 12 years marketing and campaign management experience, Irwin has implemented successful B2B campaigns for Dell, ID Warehouse, The Good Guys, Gucci and even his own start-ups.

He has the ability to combine agency creativity and strategy to drive business results. For Irwin, embracing digital technology to optimise business outcomes has allowed him to be bold in thinking, connected in execution, focused on outcome. In turn, he is able to help clients realise their own marketing and business potential.

Irwin has a Bachelor of Commerce from Sydney University with a double major in Economics and Marketing.

Key skills:

  • B2B campaign strategy & management
  • Digital technology
  • Data and analytics
  • Event marketing

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