A memorable team conference to bolster the company’s values-driven culture

The GPT Group holds a two day conference for its staff annually to bolster the company’s strong values-driven culture, encourage and enable staff from all roles to bond with each other socially and give each person the opportunity to voice their opinions.

Event services

  • Theming and event styling
  • Event management
  • Project management
  • 3rd party management
  • Budget management
  • Venue sourcing
  • Entertainment management
  • AV and production
  • Stage set design
  • Program management
  • On-site event management

The challenge
The key challenge with this year’s conference was the need to devise and implement new and fresh components into the existing conference structure that would provide delegates with a new experience, whilst still meeting objectives and effectively communicating the conference messaging.

The solution
Various new elements were added to this year’s conference from methods of delivering content during sessions, to creative unique evening and social activities, all of which achieved the desired outcome of reinforcing the conference messaging through creating a new and memorable experience. During the conference sessions, Picture Trigger was used to capture content visually so that the illustrations could be displayed in the GPT office throughout the year, thus enhancing recall through constant review. Working closely with the venue, Novotel Wollongong, Destination Wollongong and Pinnacle Team Events, Forum Group Events & Marketing developed an Amazing Race style event on the first night, using the local Wollongong area (including GPT’s own property, Wollongong Central) as the playground. This energetic and competitive event allowed staff to see their company’s work in action in a fun and social way. On the second evening, Forum Group Events & Marketing brought to life the latest version of the conference talent night – Aussie Vision (a twist of the famous annual EuroVision). Working with the venue and our suppliers – theming and AV, we created a night club reveal which took delegates completely by surprise. With neon theming, the use of glow sticks, confetti cannons, and recruiting Ben Price to host the show in the character of Borat, the night was definitely a unique and unexpected experience for delegates.

How we made it happen

  • Registration management
  • Accommodation management
  • Creative concepts development and execution
  • Venue and AV production liaison
  • Merchandise sourcing and management
  • Entertainment sourcing and management
  • Theming sourcing and management

The results
A successful conference that was executed in a new and engaging way, with many staff providing feedback this was the best GPT conference ever.

  • 97.5% rated the conference as enjoyable
  • 94.1% felt genuinely engaged during the conference
  • Overall satisfaction was rated as excellent

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